Göran Gnaudschun, o.T. (#29), from: „You’ll have to shoot us first.“, 1996-2000


Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden, Germany

November, 7, 2019 to March, 8, 2020
Opening: Thursday, November, 7, 2019, 8 pm

Occupation, Occupancy, Orchestrating, Overpowering and Ownership of Utopias

We would like to take up the spirit of optimism of 1989, the energy of that time, shaped by hope, the striving for change and the freedom to create oneself, and ask what the utopias of that time can mean for us today. Which are still important today or again, which were not formulated in 1989/90 and were missing in the period that followed? What do the events of that time have to do with today’s situation, especially in eastern Germany? Can utopias today serve as models for civil society and/or political action? We approach the themes and questions with artistic means in word, image, music, film, lecture, conversation or discussion.

Razvan Anton, Cluj-Napoca, RO | Dieter Bock von Lennep, Dresden | Christian Borchert | Benedikt Braun, Weimar | Jan Brokof, Berlin | Susan Donath, Dresden | Markus Draper, Berlin | Thomas Florschuetz, Berlin | Matthias Leupold, Ronald Galenza, Berlin | Hubertus Giebe, Dresden | Göran Gnaudschun, Potsdam | Eberhard Göschel, Dresden | Eberhard Havekost | Frenzy Höhne, Leipzig | Gregor Kasper, Berlin | Krištof Kintera, Prag, CZ | Via Lewandowsky, Berlin | Zbigniew Libera, Warschau, PL | Irène Mélix, Dresden | Falk Messerschmidt, Leipzig | Csaba Nemes, Budapest, HU | Fabian Reimann, Leipzig | Peter Rohn, Potsdam | Elske Rosenfeld, Berlin | Andreas Rost, Berlin | Rainer Görß und Ania Rudolph, Berlin | Johan Schäfer, Leipzig | Luise Schröder, Leipzig | Sandra Schubert, Leipzig | Joachim Seinfeld, Berlin | Tobias Stengel, Dresden | Daniel Theiler, Leipzig | Clemens von Wedemeyer, Berlin | Claus Schöning-Lam Yong, Dresden | Martin Zet, Libusin, CZ

In cooperation with: Saxon Academy of the Arts, Custody and StuRa TU Dresden, Kunstfonds and Kupferstich-Kabinett of the Dresden State Art Collections

Opening hours: Wed, Th & Fr 15-19 h, Sat & Sun 14-18 h