BOOK | stimmen. zehn gebäude von bächlemeid architekten

The book “stimmen. zehn gebäude von bächlemeid architekten”, designed by Andreas Uebele, has just been published. Göran Gnaudschun was invited to take portraits of the owners and residents of the buildings.

The buildings and designs by Karin Meid-Bächle and Martin Bächle stand for an architecture of precise harmony. In a combination of exterior and interior views, ten outstanding works of the office are documented: by renowned colleagues in architecture as well as by the residents who fill the buildings with life.

Does a building fulfil what was expected of it in the planning stage? How does it stand up to the use of the people for whom it was designed? And in what way does the built environment affect its inhabitants? These are the questions this artfully designed volume explores in presenting outstanding examples from the multi-award-winning architectural firm Bächlemeid. Residents provide insight into their everyday lives in the buildings, while architecture critics expertly discuss the realised designs.

Ed. Bächlemeid Architekten Stadtplaner BDA, Büro Uebele Visuelle Kommunikation

Contributions by F. Aicher, P. Cachola Schmal, A. Cukrowicz, K. Gysel, M. Hämmerle, C. Fingerhuth, A. Lederer, P. Lutz, A. Schwarting, K. Werner et al.
german language

128 pages, 47 illustrations in colour
26 x 34 cm, softcover

Large format, visible thread stitching, wrapped in glassine
ISBN: 978-3-7774-3719-4