© Fotos: Göran Gnaudschun, Chiara, 2017, from „Are You Happy?” Ludwig Rauch, Closed society, 2020, from „Too big to fail”

ARTIST TALK | Eigensache (Own business)

Ludwig Rauch and Göran Gnaudschun

Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Behaimstraße 32-34, 13086 Berlin
12 June, 2023, 7 pm

In the series “Eigensache”, lecturers from the Ostkreuzschule present their work in a loose sequence. They talk about their photographic background, their career and present current projects. The evenings will be moderated by Dr. Enno Kaufhold.

“With Göran Gnaudschun, the themes, as different as they may seem at first glance, revolve around places where he picks up the fates of those he meets there. This is the realistic view in which the medium of photography functions as a mediator of reality.
For Ludwig Rauch, these truths of reality have long ceased to exist; in experimenting on the most diverse levels, such as light, structures, digital superimpositions and resolutions, he finds his very own formal and pictorial language.
What the two have in common, despite their contrasting positions, is an artistic approach that has existed for many years. We will talk about this on the basis of concrete images.”

The event is open to all interested parties.