BOOK | Sabine Jaehnke: Funafuti

2021, Softcover
26 x 19 cm, 114 pages
33 colour illustrations
11 b/w illustrations
13 pasted envelopes
Afterword (german/english): Göran Gnaudschun
Edition: 300
Fotohof Edition , Salzburg
35,00 €

Sabine Jaehnke has left behind a wonderful book: Funafuti. About the longing of the young woman from Dresden for faraway places, for travel, for the world and about the memory of it at the end of life.
She sent letters to addresses that did not exist. They travelled the globe by proxy, some of them came back to her…
I accompanied her work for a while. At the end Sabine asked me to write a text about it.
The book was published by Fotohof Salzburg.