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Lichtung (Clearing)


Ancient Greeks believed that night had not only begotten but also born day. It is said, birth was not only given to day, but also to death, sleep and dreams; to revenge, fraud and dissension; and strangely enough to love as well.

“Lichtung” is photography – a fusion of reality and imagination; a conflation of possibilities that conjoin the act of construing with the direct, physical quest.

I try to understand the night; to illuminate the darkness without chasing it away. When I take pictures in the woods at night, I only recognize what is in immediate proximity. It is clear and precise in front of me, whereas the rest disappears. I stand in the beam of light, being lit myself and I do not know who can see me. When I step out of the illuminated space, I am a different person.

Göran Gnaudschun